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1. Study

After the contract has been formalized, our technical team will visit the site along with geologists to identify the best place to carry out the drilling process

2. Mobilization

The drilling rig accompanied by a support truck will reach the site. Based on the soil and rock formation conditions, we would take approximately 3 hours to prepare for the drilling process​

3. Well Casing

Once the borehole has been drilled, it must be lined with either steel or UPVC casing. The casing process keeps the well open and protects the earth, similar to the efforts to protect groundwater

4. Well Development

Once the screen, pack, seals and backfill have been installed, the well is developed. This development aims at repairing the damage done to the aquifer during the course of drilling by removing clays and other additives from the borehole.

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  • We will provide best value for money in the industry
  • We will quote accurate and realistic delivery times and endeavour to complete agreed services on schedule.
  • We will keep our clients fully informed throughout the works process on works
  • We will do in every respect what we say we will
  • We will provide a fast and efficient backup service when
  • We will promptly inform and consult our clients in the event of any changes in specification deemed necessary at any stage during the works
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